Spy Hunter Quote Mounted Parchment

Two of these originals available, and a few prints. One original is crimson ink on grey parchment mounted on 1/4 inch board. The other is black ink on tan, same mount. Both 8.5 x 11.’ 5 prints of each are available. If these go fast I will make a third one on black paper with white writing (my favorite color scheme as of late). Order here.

Welcome, Friends!

Welcome to my new site!  I have been working for weeks on this thing, so show some love by grabbing a piece of custom wall art, a print, a parchment, or a custom tattoo. I also have wedding invites, vows, baby announcements, and much more.  All orders of 50.00 or more will receive a free, autographed Custom Greeting Card (Up to 8 words, please include the wording in the notes section of your order).  Also, all orders receive 15% off to celebrate the launch of the site with the code LAUNCH15.  You can also order a custom greeting card for only $6! Thanks again for joining me in this endeavor, and feel free to pass the word along to your friends who might want some great lettering and art…

When Darkness Reigns Wall Piece

8.5″ x 11.” 1 original and 10 Prints. The original parchment is mounted on 1/4 inch gator board. Prints will be black ink on tan parchment. Position this guy so you see it first thing in the morning. Grab one here.

My Will Be a Dead Man Piece

Creme parchment with gold metallic ink, black india ink, and brown acrylic. The original piece is mounted on 1/4 inch gator board. Limited edition of 10 prints available. All pieces autographed and numbered in Gold metallic. Please note prints will not have metallic ink (but they will still look super sweet). $50.00 for the original, $20.00 per print. Put it right next to a mounted dead animal in your man cave. Order here.

MLK Quote

This is one of my favorite quotes. Like, ever. Silver metallic acrylic and white gouache on black 9″ x 12″ Canvas. $40.00 for the original. $20 for a print on black 8.5″ x 11″ parchment.  All are signed and numbered in silver, only 10 total available.  I included a photo of an example of how awesome this would look on your nightstand, featuring Bill the bull. Order here.

Fiona Apple Quote Greeting Card.

Only one available. Quote from the first track on her When the Pawn record. $6.00 plus shipping. I’ll throw in an autograph to…so you can, you know, prove who wrote it. Buy it here.