About Andrew Schwab

My love for creating began before kindergarten with a love for putting pencil to paper, sketching the world around me.  In elementary school I discovered calligraphy, and along with it, a passion for letters, ligatures, and written language.  In junior high my creative fire was channeled into music, where hip-hop, metal, and alternative sounds echoed the growing pains of youth.  And as I became a young adult, developing a career in creating was not just a dream, but a destiny, it seemed.

For the last 20 years, I have been making music, and during that time, my band, Project 86, has sold over a half million records. And the visual element of my artistry has remained as intrinsic to this journey as the sonic part of it.  So, as a creator of sight and sound I am proud to say I have transcended many different mediums to inspire with a unique voice.

This site is dedicated to my endeavor in visual art, primarily, but not exclusively limited to, the graphic realm.  I am an illustrator (both with pen and mouse), a letterer, a calligrapher, and a designer.  I create branding, logos, signage, labels, posters, and apparel.  My great obsession is with quality, stunning visual work, and I approach art first as an aficionado, second as student, and third as a creator, in that order.  I know what it feels like to be moved by something that looks (and sounds) awesome, and I want every single thing I create to produce that same effect in others.  Allow me to design your logo, T-shirt, sign, poster, or label, and I am confident I can “wow” you as well.  It’s my job.  It’s my life.