For the last 20 years, I have been making music. My band has sold over a half million records during that time, and along the way that platform has afforded me the ability to work with some of the best visual artists and graphic designers in the industry. That, combined with a history of being a closet calligrapher and designophobe, has made it so that I can no longer keep my passions for visual art dormant.

In early 2014 I decided to make hand-penned, Calligraphic parchments of my lyrics a part of a crowd funding campaign with my band. I have not stopped creating these parchments on a daily basis for the past twelve months.

This endeavor is an exercise in the deepest passion for type, design, and hand-created, language-driven art. I am beyond excited to obsess over every tiny detail to make sure every jot, every tittle, results in an amazing piece of work for your custom project. I am also thrilled to create original work and make it available in very small quantities for your wall, desk, office, kitchen, bedroom, or nursery. I believe my heart for the visual word can bless you and your home, with a unique, artistic voice. One part of this voice, in addition to the visual elements to this work, is the fact that I have a library of seven books I have written, as well as over 100 songs, to pull quotes from. I also have a few new words brewing, as well.

Thanks for joining me in this new venture. I am only getting started.